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"It's not where you take things from - it's where you take them to." - Jean-Luc Godard 

In 2020, we finally made the leap from lifestyle publication to boutique creative agency, expanding under the auspices of Multikulti. With City Nomads we learnt the importance of connectivity - taking the time to listen and to understand clients and partners we work with in a true exchange - and the art of delivering a message efficiently to the right target audience. Nomadic Collective was built upon this foundation to help motivated companies make their ideas and strategies accessible and comprehensible; we also hope it becomes a creative community where real connections are made.

Emily Seow


With a better part of a decade’s experience in digital lifestyle media, Emily heads the editorial team at City Nomads and leads the PR and copywriting projects at Nomadic Collective. Her love for food (and many a drink) has led her to co-found The Bar Awards, a quarterly regional celebration of Asia’s bar and beverage community. She has also been invited to participate in judging competitions such as the Singapore Tourism Awards and the La Maison Cointreau Global Finals.

Sharmaine Khoo


Sharmaine is a business strategist with more than 10 years of experience in creative marketing, branding and events, she is the island’s go-to person when it comes to conceptualising cultural and lifestyle brands. She leads the B.D. and Creative Marketing department at both City Nomads at Nomadic Collective; and has been invited to be part of the panel of judges for Marketing Events Awards 2020. Above all, she's also part of Tropika, a music collective that promotes mindfulness in inclusivity, sustainability and wellness. 

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